The Noel and Liam Gallagher brotherly feud just keeps going and now it’s Noel’s turn to throw some hard-hitting shots at his brother.

In a year filled with upheaval and surprises, one of the few unchanging constants we can still rely on is the never-ending spat between Noel and Liam Gallagher.

Despite Oasis breaking up in 2009, the pair have been locked in a non-stop back-and-forth of petty insults, the most recent of which involved Liam having a go at Noel (again) for turning down a shitload of cash for an Oasis reunion.

Well it seems like Noel either preempted this comment or just wanted to stir the pot for shits and giggles because he’s now gone and called Liam a wannabe tough guy.

Chatting to the Daily Star (via MSN), Noel says Liam is only “a tough guy when he’s got his security guard with him” before telling a story of how squirrel lover Johnny Rotten belittled Liam and the singer didn’t respond.

“I’ve had a few nights out with John Lydon, he’s also one of my heroes, but I’ve also seen him be a fucking ****, he just doesn’t take shit off anyone,” says Noel. “I was out with him one night in LA and he wouldn’t talk directly to Liam, he would say to me, ‘Ask your singer what kind of make-up he’s wearing.’ Liam was literally six inches from him.’”

Noel then goes on to describe how Liam doesn’t take any blame for their hate-hate relationship, saying, “I think we’re both the problem and the problem is that he thinks he’s not the problem. He thinks I’m both the problems. Whereas I’m just a problem. I’m half the problem, whereas I can’t be having him thinking I’m the full problem. He needs to take on some of the problem. The minute he does that we’ll move on… He needs to own his problem.”

You know what, that’s a pretty apt description from Noel about the toxic… whatever it is he has with Liam.

Guess this means the ball of pettiness is back in Liam’s court. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Noel after this latest swipe because you just know Liam won’t take this lying down.

Check out ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by Oasis:

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