Seems like inflation is definitely a thing because the USD $6 (about $8 Aussie dollars) plastic crown worn by The Notorious B.I.G. has just sold for approximately 99,125 times it’s original price.

The plastic crown was worn by Biggie for his famous 1997 “King of New York” photograph that was shot by Barron Claiborne, which was the last shoot the rapper participated in before his murder.

Sotheby’s put the crown up for sale as part of its first ever auction dedicated to hip-hop merch and items, and was expected to fetch between $200,000 to $300,000 as it was considered to be the top lot and was signed by both Biggie and Claiborne.

However, it turns out that Biggie’s plastic crown was more coveted than expected as the New York Post reports that it ultimately sold for a whopping $594,750 (including Sotheby’s buyer’s fees and taxes).

That’s over $800,000 in Aussie dollars.

Ahead of the auction, Sotheby’s senior specialist Cassandra Hatton described the crown to Reuters as “one of the most recognizable symbols of hip hop, 20th century culture.”

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“Everybody around the world recognizes this crown. You see it on T-shirts. You see it on coffee cups and prayer candles. It’s huge.”

Yet it seems like that kind of gushing description ultimately underestimated the appeal of Biggie’s USD $6 dollar crown.

Then again, we probably should’ve saw this coming given how Biggie’s childhood home goes for about USD $4,000 a month in rent.

One thing’s for sure, USD $6 from 1997 sure goes a long way in 2020. Talk about the power of inflation (and Biggie’s influence).

There’s only one appropriate reaction to the Notorious B.I.G.’s USD $6 plastic crown selling for the price of a house and it comes from none other than the rapper himself: It’s unbelievable.

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