The original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward really, really wants to make another album with the band it seems.

While speaking with Metro, Ward expressed his ambition to make another Black Sabbath record, revealing that he’s even discussed it with the band’s management.

“My biggest contention has been ‘let’s make another album’,” he said. “Nothing live necessarily, because I’m looking at what I can realistically do.

Now aged 73, Ward did concede that drumming isn’t as easy as it once was for him. “The way I play the drums, it’s becoming tougher as I get older. I haven’t spoken to the guys about it, but I have talked to a couple of people in management about the possibility of making a recording.

Which I can do safely, even with COVID around. I can lay tracks at my studio in Los Angeles. I’m very open-minded about doing something like that.”

Black Sabbath retired as an outfit in 2017, with Ward leaving their lineup before that in 2012. That hasn’t stopped him spending a large part of this year advocating for the band’s return.

“I’m not done with the Black Sabbath legacy,” he told SiriusXM in March. “I haven’t been done. I was made done, but I’m not done. So, the others might be done, but I’m not.”

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Going by previous comments, Ozzy Osbourne would appreciate the return of Ward. “I didn’t like the fact that Bill Ward wasn’t there, for a start,” Ozzy said about their farewell tour (which Ward wasn’t part of) in 2019.

“People put that down to me, but it wasn’t me, honestly. We didn’t have the fucking time to hang around, we had to get going, but I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Bill.”

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