Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has revealed exactly why the band are calling it a day with their ‘End of the Road’ farewell tour. 

In an interview on SiriusXM (via Ultimate Guitar), Stanley opened up about undertaking a “victory lap” while the band are still at the “top of [their] game”.

“The ‘End of the Road’ tour has been amazing in that we’ve managed to put together a higher technology than before in our shows, and look, no matter who you see on tour – bands or entertainers – whoever you go to see, you’re seeing a Kiss show because Kiss DNA is in everything that’s done nowadays,” he began.

He continued: “So for us, it’s really a matter of always putting our stamp on it and you can always have a Kiss show but you don’t get Kiss so I think there’s a big difference.

“So we’re really at the top of our game right now and that really seemed the right time to maybe take a victory lap and enjoy seeing the world with all the people who’ve made this possible – celebrating what this band has been and what the fans have been to us and vice versa.

“So – look if we were wearing t-shirts and jeans, we could play into our 90s. But we’re wearing 40 plus pounds of gear and running around like an Olympic marathon so it’s just not possible to continue doing this the way we do it.

He added: “And with that in mind – look, when something comes to an end, people have a tendency to say, ‘Oh, if I had only known…’ Well, now people know, and the turnouts have not only been great but the shows have been phenomenal, and the reviews have been great.

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“And it really has been a special night for us also to kind of validate for these people why they’ve stood by us and for the people who are seeing us for the first time, you have a lot of people going, ‘Gee, I wish I joined the party earlier,'” he concluded.

Check out Paul Stanley discussing Kiss calling it quits: