KISS frontman Paul Stanley has revealed why it’s “not feasible” for the band to continue to tour after they finish their ‘End of the Road’ tour. 

Having originally began in January 2019, KISS’ farewell tour was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once restrictions have subsided, it is expected the band will resume touring until at least 2022.

In an interview with Rolling Stone (via Blabbermouth), Stanley explained factors like their elaborate costumes contributed to the decision to cease touring after ‘End of the Road’ finishes.

“We were 120 shows into it and having a ball [when the pandemic began]. I mean, most of the time when you lose somebody or the situation changes, you find yourself saying, ‘Gee, if I had only known,’ whereas here, you have a situation where we’ve come to the conclusion that we can’t continue [as a touring band],” Stanley said.

He continued: “It’s not feasible. If we were wearing jeans and T-shirts, we could do this into our eighties or nineties, but we’re carrying around 40 and 50 pounds of gear for a couple of hours. There’s an age factor, which makes it more real for people who may have doubted the idea of the ‘end of the road.'”

“But that in mind, it gives us a night with people where we really get to share what we built together. … So the ‘End Of The Road’, I don’t see it as bittersweet. I see it as sweet. And will there be tears? Sure. But oh, my God, look what we’ve been given. And from what the fans say, look what we gave them. It’s unlike other bands,” he concluded.

Check out ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ by KISS:

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