After sending fans wild with a demo leak on TikTok just three weeks ago, Peach PRC has released her new single, ‘God Is A Freak’.

The leak sent her label scrambling to get the track ready for release, with the pre-save announcement video days later captioned: “i leaked this song without telling my label [Republic Records/Island Records Australia] bc i thought they would say it was too controversial.”

After garnering over 60 million views and five million likes on just a snippet of the song’s chorus – “God is a bit of a freak / Why is he watching me getting railed on the couch, staying pure for a wedding / He’s got fucked up priorities.” – even Finneas was a fan, tweeting, “This song is so so so good.”

Peach PRC explained her background within the church had inspired the track – and some of her viral videos.

“I’ve been doing this ‘god making —’ TikTok video series for a while where I simplify the absurdities of ‘god’s creations’ and how the intentions behind his actions make no sense, it’s something I’ve always questioned,” she said.

“I found it frustrating when I went to a Christian college and sat through testimonials about how the youth leader’s mum prayed for a certain type of carpet for her new house and God rewarded her with it, meanwhile there are children impoverished globally and ‘God’ doesn’t seem to bother.”


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gods plans a bit grim if i’m honest

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Peach PRC described ‘God Is A Freak’ as a song for “everyone who has felt shamed, impure, wrong, unloved and unworthy” because their actions or appearance don’t live up to the expectations of the church.

“I also remember purity culture being a big thing. The first time I was ‘slut shamed’ was at 12-years-old inside a church during youth group for the clothes I was wearing,” she said.

“Whether you are a believer in God or not, you are worthy of feeling liberation.”

Walking her talk, Peach PRC made headlines for coming out as a lesbian last month.

The viral pop singer is one of the nominees for Best New Artist in the Sailor Jerry Rolling Stone Australia Awards, to be held in Sydney on March 30th.

Listen to Peach PRC’s new single, ‘God Is A Freak’:

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