Peking Duk dropped the first two episodes of their new podcast, aptly named The Peking Duk podcast, today. The inaugural episodes feature entertaining chats with The Inspired Unemployed and Tony Armstrong.

The ARIA-winning duo of Ruben Styles and Adam Hyde are set to release the subsequent episodes each week, which will feature  The Kooks, Alex Lahey, Jack River and more.

Speaking of their debut podcast, the men said that they try and delve into how landmark events in their subjects’ lives have impacted their careers.

“The real anchor of each conversation is we talk about that person’s hits and misses – a high point in their life and a low point in their life, what they learned from those things, how it shaped them,” says Styles.

“It could be something as little as walking out on stage with your fly open but the thing that we found after recording so many episodes is that we really enjoyed doing it.

“It’s been awesome to be able to chat with so many people, especially coming out of Covid you notice that people just really want to chat about everything and how they are feeling and it’s a beautiful thing.

“Everyone has so many more stories to share than you would ever imagine and some of them are off the wall. And we have a lot of our own stories that we have never shared and I can’t wait to start trickling them into each episode.”

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Peking Duk have just returned from a spate of overseas and local shows, after a number of pandemic-related cancellations. The men said it’s obvious that the crowd is elated to be back enjoying live music shows.

“It was just smiles as far as the eye could see and joy was in the air and I think it was a reminder that live music is that important to people. It was a really beautiful thing to be able to provide the music for those people to enjoy themselves to – it’s a blessing and a half. But it’s still got a fair bit to go – overall you see festivals are folding left, right and centre due to a lack of ticket sales or whatever but I think we are on track to have everything back.”

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