Talk about your bitter divorce battle. Phil Collins is set to be questioned under oath over bizarre claims he didn’t shower or brush his teeth for a full year. 

As per The Sun, the singer is set to be quizzed by his ex-wife’s lawyers as their ongoing court case over their second split rumbles on.

Orianne Bates, 47, is suing Collins, 70, for half of his former Miami beachfront home, which he sold for a cool $51 million earlier this year.

Collins tried to have the case dismissed this week but a Los Angeles judge was having none of it. He will now be questioned under oath in a filmed deposition.

“I anticipate his deposition sometime in December after his tour,” Richard Wolfe, Bates’ lawyer, said in a statement. Bates is alleging that Collins didn’t brush his teeth and stopped showering as he became “depressed, abusive and incapable of having sex.”

The story of Collins and Bates is quite convoluted. The pair married in 1999, before divorcing in 2006. Back then, the singer paid her £25 million, which became the largest settlement in a British celebrity divorce.

After moving to Miami Beach, Florida, in 2016, Collins and Bates reunited, eventually living together in Collins’ Miami mansion. Then in 2020, Collins filed an eviction notice against her after she allegedly secretly married another man in August of that year. She reportedly held their mansion “hostage” with armed guards surrounding the premises.

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For their part, Collins’ lawyers have called Bates’ claims “scandalous, scurrilous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated.” They also stated that her claims are “totally immaterial” to the dispute over the house.

Honestly though, if I was publicly accused of not brushing my teeth or showering for an entire year, I would pay a lot of money to keep that information quiet.

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