Sydney-based indie rock duo Salarymen have released their new single ‘Something To Me’, which pays tribute to none other than ‘Frankenstein’.

After receiving a lot of positive attention for their previous single ‘Runaway’, which is a strangely whimsical yet romantic song, indie duo Salarymen have decided to tweak the formula a bit for their latest release, ‘Something To Me’.

Inspired by the synth sounds of Joy Division and the energetic riffs of Ball Park Music, ‘Something To Me’ is a positively upbeat bop that’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Lead singer and guitarist Thom Eagleton says “This song is a bit of an anthem for any musician going through an existential crisis. It’s about questioning whether you should continue on with a dream you’ve been chasing for years, and almost giving up.”

“After a band that I’d given so much to financially and personally broke up very abruptly, I felt an immense sense of pressure to throw the towel in and get a ‘real’ job, and I wrote this track shortly after about how crucial music is to my life. Ironically, such dark moments can also be some of the most inspiring musically.”

Releasing alongside ‘Something To Me’ is a quirky music video that depicts Eagleton and the other half of Salarymen, Rene de la Motte, reenacting their version of Frankenstein that’s set in the modern world.

It’s weird and strange, yet alluring and romantic on many levels, which perfectly complements ‘Something To Me’.

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Having also made a big splash on the 2020 live music scene following well-received launch shows for ‘Runaway’ and supporting slots for the likes of Sloan Peterson, Hayley Mary, Le Shiv, and Iluka, the Sydney-based duo will be performing a couple of shows in Sydney to celebrate the release of ‘Something To Me’.

The duo will be performing at Vic on the Park on Saturday, December 12th, followed by a supporting slot for PLANET at the Factory Theatre on Saturday, December 19th.

Check out ‘Something To Me’ by Salarymen:

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