Nu-metal icons Korn have released 13 albums over their two-decade run. Are you able to remember the year that each album was released?

Korn are considered to be the pioneers of their genre, nu-metal. Originally forming in 1993, the American outfit have brought their style to the mainstream, and have consistently wowed crowds worldwide.

First rising to fame with their self-titled album in the early ’90s, and going on to produce three more albums in that decade, Korn quickly rose to fame.

Although they were nominated for numerous awards with Korn, their first album to achieve a title was their second album Life Is Peachy which went on to win Best Album with Kerrang!.

Continuing with their success, their early ’00s album The Path Of Totality won Album Of The Year at Revolver Golden Gods Awards, while their album Follow The Leader had its single ‘Freaks On A Leash’ regarded as being a top track.

On top of countless awards, Korn have had over 25 singles hit the charts and have had multiple releases rewarded with platinum and gold certifications according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

In addition to their triumphs with the critics, Korn has also experienced widespread success with touring, headlining many gigs and festivals worldwide.

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With their career as a band spanning over nearly 20 years, Korn shows that they are not only something to listen to, but something to watch as well. Their live shows come with unparalleled musicianship, and esoteric features including frontman Jonathan Davis’ iconic biomechanical, nude microphone stand.

Between a total of thirteen albums, numerous charting singles, and even being featured on an episode of South Park, these legendary musicians know how to keep their fanbase alive and hungry for more.

With so many great records under their belts, can you remember when each one of their iconic albums were released?

Can you guess which years these Korn albums were released?