Legendary ’80s rock musicians like Eddie Van Halen, Prince, and Bon Jovi paved the way of modern rock’n’roll. Are you well-versed in their decade of influence?

The 80s were chock-full of good music, and many of the icons born of the decade are still making their way into the lists of favourites today. Even though it’s been nearly 40 years since the ’80s were around, legends like Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Whitesnake are still keeping the genre alive and touring.

Besides renowned outfits being born of the ’80s, the decade also brought a slew of creative force. Rock genres that had never existed before like glam metal, hair metal, and new wave were birthed, while hard rock underwent a resurgence.

The rock musicians of the ’80s were known for their larger than life attitudes, their infinite possibilities, and (sometimes) their massive hair. Creating songs that have become anthems to the masses, the illustrious musicians of the ’80s basically made an entire playlist that many consider to be the most prominent songs of their lifetime.

Including ‘Living On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses, and ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by Def Leppard, these songs have carved a path into the minds of many with their repetitive choruses, swift beats, and rocking sound.

With a lot of todays musicians turning towards the influence of ’80s rock legends, it is clear that the 1980s was one of the most noteworthy decades to date. With some icons being knighted and others appearing in well-known television shows like Sex And The City, it’s clear that the world latched on to these ’80s idols.

Although the musicians are well known for their music and iconic styles, how well do you know the more intricate details of their lives?

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How well do you know your ’80s rock legends?