Between Metallica, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, and U2, which ’90s band do you think had the biggest influence on music?

While some of these bands weren’t birthed of the ’90s, the end of the millennium marked some of their most successful periods. Between Metallica’s self-titled album, Pearl Jam’s Ten, Soundgarden’s Superunknown, and U2’s Achtung Baby all being released in the 1990s, it’s no wonder that these outfits received widespread success.

Sporting numerous different genres from heavy-metal and grunge to alternative and post-punk, each band has kept a different signature sound. While Metallica and Pearl Jam have stuck to the same genres over the span of their career, it seems that Soundgarden and U2 strolled off the beaten path with a few albums, changing between sounds with ease.

Although the bands experienced a good majority of their success in the ’90s, quite a few of them are still active today, with world tours, new albums, and more still popping up. Metallica have recently launched a 7″ vinyl subscription service, while Pearl Jam recently announced their new album Gigaton.

U2 has stayed plenty relevant with their recent Australian tour of The Joshua Tree, and Soundgarden frequents in the news with their constant battle over Chris Cornell’s vocal recordings. With these bands still able to influence the news of today, and still find their way into our speakers, it’s apparent that they have become very influential over time.

As the ’90s is noted for being one of the most influential decades for the current modern age of music, we’re curious to find out who is considered the most prominent influencer.

Not a test of knowledge, but this time we ask your opinion: which ’90s band do you consider to be the most influential? Let us know, and see if others agree with you below.

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Which of these ’90s rock bands had the largest influence on music?