As of this morning, Radiohead officially became TikTokers.

Right now we’re seeing an interesting turning point where the lines between enigma and social media presence become blurred.

Last month Thin Lizzy’s Ricky Warwick elaborated on one of his recent lyrics, “Rock and roll ain’t dead, it’s just lost its mystery.” He said, “What was on my mind was the internet and social media has brought us many good things. Obviously, you know, we’d have been lost without it during this pandemic because just stand in touch with friends and family and it makes, you know certain things easier you can now not be in the same studio with somebody and they can record the part and I’m all for that, but also I think, you know, we’re all looking at the screen 24-7.”

“Our rock and rollers are so accessible,” he continues. “You know what you can find out what they had for breakfast that morning and even see a picture of it. To me, that’s kind of ruining it a little bit because I was a kid, you know rock stars were always mysterious.”

Now that Radiohead have joined TikTok, just how accessible will they be?

Right now the activity on their profile is limited, with their bio reading, “Proud to be joining the TikTok revolution”. For the moment, the band have also only posted one video, which features Chieftain Mews, the character from old Radiohead webcasts.

He glitches in the video, “TikTok. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… this is your wakeup call. Have a good day.”

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As Stereogum report, the account has been made on April Fool’s Day, so taking this as a message to keep an eye (and ear out) for new Radiohead music might not be legit.

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