Question: What do Oasis, Foo Fighters and The Wiggles all have in common? Answer: They’re three bands that Tone Deaf readers just can’t manage to get into.

Some bands reach the kind of critical acclaim that can make it almost embarrassing to admit that you’re not a fan of them. With that in mind, we asked our readers what bands they can’t get into, no matter how hard they try.

To put it mildly, the answers were shocking. But, that was pretty much the entire point of the whole experiment. So, without further adieu, here are five popular bands that Tone Deaf readers revealed they just couldn’t get into.


According to one of our readers, Oasis are “the most overrated band in the world”.

Despite the fact that Wonderwall is one of the most popular go-to Karaoke songs of all time, some of our readers just couldn’t warm to the controversial band. “Depressing band. Noel sings like he doesn’t want to be there,” added another reader.


If you ever hung out at a shopping centre, restaurant or sat in a car way back in 1993, you’d probably have heard the lyrics “I’m a creeeeeeep” blasting out of the radio (or a cd player, LOL). ‘Creep’ by Radiohead become somewhat of a 90’s anthem. The single achieved platinum certification in the UK and gold in Australia and has over 540 million streams on YouTube.

Regardless, our readers are apparently not here for the band’s “whiny” voice. “It’s the whiny voice I can’t stand. Terrible,” said one reader of Thom Yorke’s vocals.

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However, another reader had a good point in rebuttal. “They play a good kind of depressing music. Also, go through their albums one by one and try to admire the composition and musical intelligence of it. It’s actually quite beautiful.”

Foo Fighters

In absolutely shocking news, Foo Fighters were up there with one of the most popular answers when our readers were asked about bands they can’t get into.

“I think Dave is an absolute legend, but I can’t get into the tunes,” said one reader.

“Totally agree too !!! I would rather have all my toe nails pulled out than listen to the Foo Fighters,” added another.

“100% agree. Dave is a legend, but their music is mildly entertaining at best,” said ANOTHER. And wait, what?!!!

Thankfully, one reader didn’t agree with the general sentiment of Foo Fighters being overrated. “It’s because you’re dead inside isn’t it?” they said in response to the Foo Fighters bad reception.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Despite the odds of knowing at least one person with ‘Californication’ on their summer playlist being basically guaranteed, our readers aren’t feeling Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Apparently, you guys haven’t exactly warmed to the quintessential Californian rock band, claiming that “all their songs sound the same” and “if you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all”. Which, I mean, may be a very valid point.

The Wiggles

We have one reader to thank for a little comic relief after the stress of learning about the unexpected animosity served up to so many legendary bands. That reader said that no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t manage to get into The Wiggles. “Their old stuff was better,” he clarified.

Apparently, that reader wasn’t alone in preferring The Wiggles older tunes, either. “They were on top of the world with their hit single “Toot, Toot, Chuga, Chuga, Big Red Car” that shit was game changing you can’t change my mind,” added another Tone Deaf reader.

Welp, that was fun. Don’t mind me – I’m off to either cry about the injustice of the results or belt out all five of the above songs at a karaoke bar.
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