Cry Club bring with them a clear message upon the release of debut album God I’m Such A Mess: It’s okay to not be okay. Never has a message felt so welcome.

“​God I’m Such a Mess, honestly it says it all,” says Cry Club’s Heather Riley​ (they/them) ​and​​ ​Jono Tooke​ (he/him).

​ “These past few years have been extremely tough for everyone – it’s easy to feel nihilistic or want to give up, and each new hurdle seems so much fucking bigger than the last one. This album is really about telling yourself it’s OKAY to be upset,” they continued.

“It’s okay to cry, to be angry, to be anxious, to struggle because if you’re honest about not being okay, it makes it easier to start walking the path towards being okay again. It’s okay to throw your whole heart and soul into something, even if it fails.”

Written from 2017 through to 2020, God I’m Such A Mess traces the duo’s history together, and over fan-favourite tracks like ‘Wish’ and ‘Dissolve’, it tells the truth. Riley and Tooke are an open book on this genre-bending collection, which bounces from noise-pop to post punk and shoegaze.

Stream Cry Club’s debut album God I’m Such A Mess below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

Stream Cry Club’s God I’m Such A Mess

“They’ve only been around for a few years, but in just a couple of short years, Melbourne’s “queer bubblegum punk duo” have managed to craft a body of work that even veterans of the scene would be jealous of. With a catchy, self-assured sound, and some of the slickest vocals, most accomplished songwriting, and impeccable production on offer, their long-awaited debut album – God I’m Such A Mess – is arguably on track to be considered one of the finest albums released in the awful year that has been 2020.”
– Tyler Jenke

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God I’m Such A Mess is ambitious, chaotically fun and earnest in a way that harks back to the golden era of Fueled By Ramen. At face value Cry Club write faultlessly-crafted sugar-rush pop songs. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find thrilling observations on the power of being yourself, loving your friends, and all the messy, glorious beauty of being alive!”
– Geordie Gray

God I’m Such A Mess Track listing:
2. One Step
3. Don’t Go
4. Obvious
5. Wish
6. Lighters
7. Quit
8. Vertigo
9. Nine of Swords
10. Dissolve
11. Robert Smith
12. Two Hearts

Cry Club Show Dates

Sat, December 5
UniBar, Wollongong
with Georgia Marley
Tickets on sale now

Sat, December 12
Leadbeater Hotel, Melbourne
with Eilish Gilligan
Tickets on sale now

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