We waited patiently like primary school kids sitting upright on the class mat. And now Golden Century Group here. The debut EP from Sydney-based duo F-POS has arrived and it’s even more luscious and refreshing than we had hoped for.

Golden Century Group’s release comes off the heels of the duo’s recently released singles ‘Classic’ and ‘Life Turns On’ which were received to wide acclaim. Lauded by Rolling Stone Australia editor, Tyler Jenke as “an exceptional introduction to the outfit,” brought by the sound of their “infectious reggae-influenced jam”, their music has already become undeniably synonymous with infectious euphoria.

Staying true to F-POS form, their debut EP was recorded in their very own lo-fi home in Sydney, the womb and birthplace of their songs’ inception – a safe space for the duo to crack open their closed hearts to vulnerability.

A pandemic-ravaged world hasn’t hindered Paddy Cornwall and Taras Hrubyj-Piper from reinforcing the importance they derive from collaboration.

They’ve invited some of their favourite artists to play, sing and collaborate in their EP’s genesis, tapping in Trinidad-born athlete-turned-artist Gold Fang, Moody Beach and Caro. And continuing to work musically with artists both locally and globally is absolutely ingrained in the F-POS fabric.

Golden Century Group comprises five tracks in total, with each carrying incredibly evocative qualities that go well beyond the duo’s years in song-making. Filled with levitating wonder-vibes, mesmerising beats, buttery smooth vocals and lyricism – their songs command listeners to reflect on the toughness of life, but at the same time, the beauty within it.

The EP’s release follows closely behind the unleashing of new single ‘No Cause’, a crucial adrenaline rush that delightfully contrasts the humdrum reality we’ve all found ourselves in. For ‘No Cause’, F-POS enlisted the ranks of Caro and athlete-turned-artist Gold Fang — who previously featured on their debut single, ‘Classic.’

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Check out F-POS’ clip for ‘No Cause’:

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While their sound has been previously described as “cyborg punk, dirty clash and Playstation rave” all at once, it’s safe to say that Golden Century Group taps into a collection of genres, enabling the duo to uncover a sound and a vibe that is all their own.

Stream the F-POS EP Golden Century Group below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

F-POS, Golden Century Group

“F-POS’ debut outing, Golden Century Group, is a sparkling maelstrom of huge hooks, ringing guitars, and good vibes. The Britpop-indebted EP is an irresistible and euphoric listen from start to end.”
– Geordie Gray

“Ever since F-POS first hit the scene last year with ‘Classic’, it seemed almost destined that the group were on track to deliver an enduring run of tracks as refreshing as they were catchy. Now with the release of their debut EP, Golden Century Group, we’ve found out just how eclectic and expansive their catalogue truly is.

“Teaming up with the likes of Caro, Shogun the Sheet, Gold Fang, and Moody Beach, the five-track release is a collection of summery anthems, ranging from the Britpop influence of ‘Millionz’, the breezy ‘Family Song’, and the slick and intricate ‘No Cause’. Most bands would spend years working towards a release like this, but F-POS have knocked it out of the park on their first run.”
– Tyler Jenke

Check out F-POS’ clip for ‘Life Turns On’:

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