Byron Bay surf rock ratbags Skegss have gone and done it. They’ve released a strong contender for record of the year with sophomore album Rehearsal.

Described as a “thrill ride through the band’s laissez-faire lifestyle and sunkissed narratives of love, friendship and youthful musings”, Skegss helmed Rehearsal at The Grove Studios in Sydney with Grammy-award winning producer Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice, The Wombats).

As the most candid and electrifying snapshot we’ve seen of Skegss yet, Rehearsal features the monolithic Hottest 100 voted singles ‘Under the Thunder‘ (#27) and ‘Fantasising’ (#66).

Ben Reed (vocals, guitar), Toby Cregan (bass, guitar, vocals), and Jonny Lani (drums) are in fine form on the album, having tracked demos at The Music Farm using vintage gear from the ‘60s and ‘70s and delving into Reed’s self-made lyrical philosophies (inspired by his favourite stand-up comedians) and Toby Cregan’s reflections on life and his dog,

Stream the Skegss album Rehearsal below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

Stream Skegss’ new LP Rehearsal:

Rehearsal isn’t a hot mess, it’s a mapped out collection of emotions beginning with a sense of optimism which quickly takes a turn for the mellow. But before all is said and done, you’re left with an inevitable sense of clarity which will make you damn glad you tuned in.”
– Amber De Luca-Tao

“Skegss are back with their second album and it’s a total ripsnorter. Rehearsal sees the band draw from a country palette whilst maintaining their live-and-let-live garage rock flair. It’s woozy and unrelentingly fun.”
– Geordie Gray

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Track list:

1. Down to Ride
2. Valhalla
3. Fantasising
4. Running From Nothing
5. Bush TV
6. Picturesque Moment
7. Under the Thunder
8. Sip of Wine
9. Curse My Happiness
10. Wake Up
11. Savour the Flavor
12. Fade Away
13. Lucky