It was one of the most unexpected pairings of all-time, but now Rick Astley has expressed his desire to release a charity single with old mates the Foo Fighters.

If you were to ask anyone 20 years ago who would be one of the most well-known celebrities of the 21st century, few would have imagined it could’ve been Rick Astley.

Having risen to fame in 1987 with his single ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, many may have considered Astley to end up as something of a one-hit wonder at the time.

However, thanks to the internet, both Astley and the song received a second life, becoming one of the most iconic memes and songs of the new millennium thanks to the practice of Rickrolling.

This phenomenon has also managed to give folks a chance to see Astley in a whole new light, with the English musician embracing his fame and managing to have a laugh at himself in the process.

Check out Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’:

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However, one of the most interesting things about Astley’s widespread fame is his relationship with the Foo Fighters. Having covered their 1997 track ‘Everlong’, the band soon returned the favour by not only covering ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, but bringing Astley out to do so.

Since then, Dave Grohl has not only named Rick Astley as “the seventh Foo Fighter”, but also teamed up with him again earlier this year for a performance as part of NME‘s Club NME in London.

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Now, Astley says he wants to do it again, and this time, all for a good cause.

Speaking to The Daily Star, the musician explaining that he’d love to see a their collaboration being released into the world, with the funds going to benefit a worthy cause.

“I would be well up for releasing it, maybe for charity one day,” he explained. “The amount of people who say we should but they have bigger fish to fry and also I like that it’s ‘a moment’.

“I’ve done it three or four times now but it’s always an accident. It ­exists in an alternate universe.”

Needless to say, you can be sure that if the single does find its way to being released, it might just end up being one of the most successful charity tunes we’ve heard in a very long time.

Check out Rick Astley performing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with the Foo Fighters:

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