Ryan Adams and his NYC contemporaries The Strokes have a fairly messy history, tied up in the drug habit that has become just one of the things Adams has referenced in his sudden tirade against the band, which has seen him laying into them pretty fiercely over Twitter.

As Consequence of Sound reports, Adams appears to be disgruntled with some of the recently-published Meet Me In  The Bathroom by Lizzie Goodman, which by all accounts reveals details like Adams being banned from hanging out with the band due to his bad influence.

Whatever has sparked it, Adams certainly isn’t going easy on them, hitting out at everything they’ve made after third LP First Impressions of Earth (“Last Impressions of Actual Songs”), and telling Albert Hammond that he’s “a more horrible songwriter than his dad”.

A possible explanation here is that Ryan mentioned a little while ago that he loves Liam Gallagher’s aggressive Twitter style, and is having a crack at his own version for laughs, but whatever it is, Strokes fans aren’t playing along, defending the band on every Tweet – although The Strokes themselves haven’t responded.

Meanwhile, The Strokes have revealed that they’re making an album with Rick Rubin, before backpedaling on that claim and saying that a theoretical album is “years away” – can’t wait to read Ryan’s review.