Steel Panther guitarist Satchel has launched a scathing attack against cancel culture, claiming that “wokeism is out of control”. 

During an appearance on the 2020’d podcast (via Ultimate Guitar), Satchel lamented the current stage of the world when asked about the future of comedy and entertainment.

“I know that wokeism is out of control and cancel culture is out of control right now, but people love to laugh and people love to be able to speak their minds,” he said.

He continued: “You can’t be funny if you can’t push the envelope a little bit and joke about shit that you’re not supposed to joke about.”

“And that’s one of the things that is great about the differences in people, being able to joke about cultural differences because there are huge differences between black and white culture, there are huge differences between Asian culture and black culture, or gay culture and heterosexual culture.”

Satchel continued on to provide some, ah, questionable comments about humour surrounding being in a sexual or racial minority.

“Gay guys are fucking hilarious, they’re really funny! And I don’t understand a lot of it but they’re funny as fuck! I’m not gay, I don’t suck dicks, but to me, the whole idea of being gay is very funny, and there’s a lot of funny shit in that.”

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“If you can’t joke about the funny shit, that’s… listen, stereotypes are stereotypes because they are fucking funny, it’s funny to joke about Asian people being bad drivers because there’s a lot of them.”

He then went on to explain that a wide range of people attend Steel Panther shows, regardless of whether they are “white or black, or male or female, or gay or hetero.”

“One of the things that I love about being in Steel Panther, and one of the things I love about our shows, is that people who go to our show, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re white or black, or male or female, or gay or hetero…” he began.

“They go to our show because they love that they’re in a place where everybody’s… The playing field is levelled because we make fun of everybody, and everybody can laugh at everything, and they don’t have to feel, you don’t have to worry about it,” he continued.

“And you don’t have to watch what you say because everybody can joke about everything. Everybody’s in on it so everybody has fun. It lets everybody let their guard down and everybody can have fun.”

“When you’re out in public normally, most people are very aware of what they can and can’t say in this day and age. And god, that gets fucking old after a while, most people are just like, ‘Fuck, I just wanna cuss and make fun of a gay person for once, come on!'”

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