SZA says a publication blocked her request to hire a Black photographer, the artist revealed this week on social media.

As per Complex, SZA didn’t name the actual publication in question but explained on Twitter that she asked for a Black photographer to shoot her recent cover story. When the publication didn’t agree with her request, she felt that she couldn’t continue.

“I requested a black photographer for a cover n the mag told me no lol its 2021.. and almost Juneteenth,” SZA said. “Respectfully I can’t do it.”

Naturally fans wanted to know which publication had acted in that way but SZA said that wasn’t her “vibe.” She did, however, praise several other publications “for all using black photogs in our recent covers,” including Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan.

SZA went on to elaborate about the incident, explaining that her request was “not deep I jus like the way my ppl SEE me.”

“…love how we magnify us through our own unique gaze,” the singer said. “Its artful and magical. Jus Not into fitting ‘the white gaze’ rn.”

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It’s not the only frustration in SZA’s life right now. After her recent hit single ‘Good Days’ dropped out of the Billboard Hot 100 after staying there for 20 consecutive weeks, she shared her displeasure with her own label in an Instagram comment.

“I really hate my label . So much,” she commented under a SZA fan account page. As she’s signed to both TDE and RCA, it wasn’t immediately clear who her comments were aimed at though.

After the Instagram comment, she clarified her words by asking fans to be nice to TDE president Terrence “Punch” Henderson.

“Punch is my manager (not a machine or a label) lol also been like my stage dad the last 10 yrs,” SZA said on Wednesday. “Be nice to him pls. He really fights for me. Not angry w him. Or anybody really. Jus my own choices.”

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