Florida has been making headlines recently due to the state’s hugely controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, which limits classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

The law unsurprisingly led to widespread backlash: employees at The Walt Disney Company were particularly vocal, calling on the business to show more support for its LGBTQ+ employees by “stopping construction and investment in the state of Florida until hateful legislation is repealed.”

It was only a matter of time before wildly outspoken U.S. rocker Ted Nugent also had his say. As reported by Blabbermouth, the singer defended the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill – officially titled ‘Parental Rights In Education’ – insisting that it’s actually about offering parents “the right to guide and nurture and educate their children.”

During an episode of The Nightly Nuge, a show in which Nugent provides his forthright views on the world, he went deep on the issue. “(My wife) Shemane and I work very closely with some real commandos, some ex-special forces guys that are tracking down child sex traffickers,” he said. “And there’s a term in that world of child sex trafficking and pedophilia known as ‘grooming.’

And you wanna start at a very early age to impact the undeveloped, mushy minds of youth to accept evil. And it goes right back to this whole gender control by our government, media, academia, Big Tech.

These people are pure evil, and they are grooming young people to accept the most evil of controls, and that is to sway them into total slavery of power abusers like the government, like academia, to control their minds. And I don’t know what the endgame is, but it’s about control, and it’s about, if nothing else, mental and spiritual slavery of young people.

Our corrupt, evil, tyrannical powers that be in government, media, Big Tech, academia and Hollywood are grooming the youngest of Americans to control them in the most evil of ways, because this is the foundation of child sex trafficking, when you can destroy their identity and destroy their north spiritual compass.”

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Nugent continued: “And now parents are fighting back because as the media and government lies through their teeth — every hour of every day — claiming that the bill in Florida is ‘Can’t Say Gay’ (sic) bill. The word ‘gay’ doesn’t exist. The bill is about giving parents the parental right, the most instinctual, clear and present parental right to guide and nurture and educate their children and avoid strangers to indoctrinate them as early as kindergarten. And they call it ‘Can’t Say Gay’ bill. Nobody ever said anybody can’t say gay. It’s about parental rights.”

He concluded: “So these are indicators that the media and this man Joe Biden are absolute serial liars with a very dangerous and evil agenda to twist the minds of the most precious amongst us — our own children.

So Shemane and I stand up, and more and more parents are standing up. And we did a rally in Florida recently where parents are now running for school boards and they’re finding out the horrific agenda of this transgender, homosexuality. And if you wanna transgender, that’s… a shame. If you’re a homosexual, we support… your choice. But don’t you dare try to indoctrinate these innocent young children. And that’s their agenda.”

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