Kourtney Kardashian and blink-182 drummer Travis Barker’s relationship continues to take up real estate in the internet’s psyche.

Kardashian was recently snapped sporting a (tastefully disintegrated) Cannibal Corpse ‘Eaten Back to Life’ long sleeve during an outing with Barker. It’s a move that has reignited the time-honored “non-metal fans wearing metal merch” debate. A discourse that several metal elder statesmen have often weighed in on.

Back in 2016, Metallica’s James Hetfield reacted to a photo of Kim Kardashian donning a Metallica t-shirt. “That’s Kanye West, right, in drag. It’s obviously a little large for her,” he told Buzzfeed. “There’s more skin showing that I would let my daughter do. If she was around before ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and bought that shirt, I’d be pretty impressed.”

Whilst Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo was more optimistic about the whole thing. “It doesn’t bug me, at all. It’s not that I think about it, but I see where you’re coming from, growing up in the scene, and what it means to show your support for the band, to wear their shirt around and stuff,” he told Revolver. 

On Kim Kardashian wearing a Morbid Angel shirt, Anselmo added “I love it. I don’t really know who she is – I heard the name. But anyone wearing a Morbid Angel shirt’s OK with me.”

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