The bassist for System of a Down revealed that he used to be tight with Kanye West and we demand a collaboration immediately. 

The band’s Shavo Odadjian took part in an interview with Puraphy when talk swerved surprisingly to the Kardashian family.

“Oh, I know the Kardashians quite well,” was his response. “I used to be very good friends with Kanye. Though this was a few years ago now, I’ve been to their house a lot. They’re just like you’d imagine they’d be: very cool, personable people.

In fact, when System of a Down was asked to play in Armenia in 2015, come to find out that Kanye had just played the same venue a week before we did. Yeah, I like the Kardashians a lot.”

The revelation makes more sense when you know that the Kardashians themselves are of Armenian descent like the heavy metal legends. And the rest of the band are clearly also enamoured by Kardashian and company: back in October, Serj Tankian expressed his respect for Kim K after she used her fame and platform to raise awareness of the 1915 Armenian genocide.

“I’ll tell you something about Kim — I have a lot of respect for her,” Tankian explained. “When it comes to issues of justice, she’s been really great. When it comes to spreading awareness about the need for recognition of the Armenian genocide, about what’s going on in Artsakh right now, the revolution that happened in Armenia that no one in the U.S. knew about, she’s been really amazing. I’ve met her a few times.”

The image of Kim and Kourtney chilling in Hollywood, absolutely blaring ‘Chop Suey!’ from their speakers, is a thing of beauty.

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Now that Kim has started proceedings to divorce her husband, chances of an earth-shattering collaboration between Kanye and System of a Down are slim to none. But we can dream. We can dream. If any artist would take such a left-field turn, it would probably be Yeezy though.

Check out ‘Protect the Land’ by System of a Down:

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