Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has been keeping busy in quarantine. The rocker has revealed that during his time in lockdown, he’s all but finished a new album — despite having a forthcoming solo record, Andro, set for release in October.

In an interview with Jason Rockman of Canada’s iHeart Radio, Lee was asked how he was fairing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Turns out, not much has changed.

“I hate to say this, because it’s weird to say, but it’s sort of just… I mean, yes, a lot of bad stuff happened, but for a guy who doesn’t really leave his house that much and is often in my studios here, I guess it hasn’t changed much for me. Some things have, obviously, but for the most part, dude, I’ve just been here…”

Lee went on to reveal that during his time in the studio, he’d gone and recorded a whole new album, “It’s kind of fucked up,” he revealed.

“‘Cause I called my manager a couple of weeks ago and I’m, like, ‘Dude, I almost have another record done.’ And he’s, like, ‘Woah! Hold up. This one’s not even out yet.’

“I’ve been in my studio just [creating] more shit, which, that’s been great. It’s, like, ‘Hey, what are are gonna do here?’ Well, we can’t do this and can’t do that and can’t do that, so [go back] in the studio.”

The pandemic proved to be an opportunity of introspection for Lee.

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“Also, and I tell this to people, because I think this is important,” He shared. “I think another thing that has happened that’s fucking really cool that I’ve noticed for me is that, and this is probably true for many people, our daily lives are fucking hauling ass, pretty much, for the most part — whether you’re working, whatever you’re doing, you’re pretty much flying.

“And the pandemic has, for me, slowed me down and almost stopped to do some really cool introspection — whether it’s your family life or a relationship or how you are as a person, it’s really gotten me to slow down, almost stop and really dial certain things in that I’ve been avoiding, or doing things more that I should be doing more. It’s cool, man. There’s been a lot of pluses about it. Unfortunately, [also] a lot of negatives, but that’s [like that] with everything.”

ANDRO arrives October 16th, and features collaborations with Lukas Rossi (on a cover of Prince’s ‘When You Were Mine’), Buckcherry’s Josh Todd, Brooke Candy, and Mickey Avalon.

Check out ‘Knock Me Down’ by Tommy Lee:

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