In a rare occurrence, prog-metal legends Tool are teasing something. It looks as though the band are gearing up to announce an Australian tour.

A mysterious countdown has appeared on the Frontier Touring website. The countdown adopts Tool’s font and aesthetic and centres around #FollowTheEvidence. As any Tool tragic would recognise,  “Follow The Evidence” is from the band’s Fear Inoculum track ‘7empest’.

A Mysterious website teasing a Tool tour

The website is giving away two of the first tickets to the mystery tour. To win the tickets, you have to share a creative clue related to the upcoming tour on Twitter or Instagram. The competition opens on Monday, November 4th at 10 am and closes on Thursday, November 14th at 6 pm. Winners will be notified on Friday, November 15th.

If you’re entering, you need to guarantee that your post is public, utilizes the hashtag #FollowTheEvidenceAUNZ and tag @frontiertouring.

This marks the band’s first Australian tour since their headline tour in 2013. The thought of hearing Fear Inoculum in the flesh for the first time conjures up the most visceral emotions.

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In related news, engineer “Evil” Joe Barresi recently revealed that Danny Carey’s intense drumming style could have ruined the entire Fear Inoculum recording process, after the rocker almost burning down the studio in the process.

We were tracking,” Barresi explained to Kerrang. “We always like to set up the room so it’s visual. Dan’s got, like, some geometry thing behind him, and there’s always a PA and candles. It’s very vibey.

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“And I remember the drum tech, Bruce Jacoby, was in front of the console, and I saw this look of panic in his face. And I was like, ‘What? What’s going on?’

All of a sudden, he just bolts out of the control room through this back door, and he gets behind Danny’s drum kit, where, I guess Dan was playing with such power that one of the candles fell over on his floor tom and started burning the floor tom, so the head went on fire.

“And there’s sprinklers in the ceiling, so we were trying to get the fire out before the sprinklers went off and the whole recording would be ruined. So that was one of the most insane moments, actually — Dan almost burning down the studio.”