More memorabilia related to 2Pac is going on sale, with the late rapper’s bodyguard’s hard drive expected to fetch a huge figure at an upcoming auction. 

Why would anyone want his bodyguard’s hard drive, you might be wondering. That’s because the hard drive in question contains rare 2Pac songs and photos.

As reported by TMZ, the hard drive is being auctioned off by, with the starting price set at $10,000. Those in the know, though, think it could go for as much as $600,000, such is the continuing interest in the life of 2Pac.

The hard drive was owned by Frank Alexander, who has since passed away. It’s reportedly full of never-before-seen things such as photos, music, and legal documents. The files include an unreleased version of the rapper’s song ‘Let’s Get It On’, for example. The photos capture him in candid shots with his friends, while the legal docs contain paperwork like depositions.

The sale is partly going to a good cause, with The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation receiving 10% of the earnings. The Foundation is dedicated to eradicating the effects of trauma on our community by raising awareness of its impact on mental health and wellness. They provide communities with tools, healing techniques and resources such as the Creative Arts to provide a gateway to complete wellness.

Several 2Pac items have made it to auction over the years. Back in 2o19, some of his sex drawings and love letters made for his girlfriend in prison were sold for over $21,o00. The following year, a red and blue bandana once worn by the rapper were up for grabs, as were some handwritten lyrics sheets, letters, and original liner notes from his 1996 album Makaveli.

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