Enter Sandman is not only Metallica’s most Dad rock moment but is now apparently US President Donald Trump’s metal song of choice.

Taking time out from freeing rappers from Swedish prisons, the president used the song as entry music for a recent White House event, in perhaps the most (radio-friendly) metal moment of 2019 politics.

Footage shared by Metalsucks shows the president being announced and walking into a function room with the song blaring in the background, albeit the studio version so there’s considerably less ‘YEAH’s’ from frontman James Hetfield. 

Perhaps the best part is the awkward pause as the President is announced and then reporters and media wait while the song’s extended intro builds up enough to justify the appearance of Donald. Watch the weird footage below.


The reason for the song’s inclusion was due to retired Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an award given to people of cultural significance.

Rivera was referred to as the “Sandman” throughout his career, and the song would play whenever he came on to the field.

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“I didn’t pick the song. I don’t pay attention to the music” said Rivera about the association of the song and his playing.

“When I go in there, I’m going to do business. I have a job to do, that’s it.”

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Trump has come under fire in the past, with various artists, including Guns ‘N Roses and the Prince estate, asking him to stop using their music at his rallies and events.

Luckily for Trump Metallica declared themselves to be a non-political band, recognising the broad spectrum of people who listen to their music.

This hasn’t stopped guitarist Kirk Hammet and drummer Lars Ulrich speaking out against the Trump administration – but it looks like the use of Sandman might be allowed this time.

Metallica touches down in Australia for some stadium shows in October, and all sides of the political debate are welcome. Details below.

Metallica’s WorldWired Australia Tour 2019

With special guests Slipknot

Thursday, October 17th
Optus Stadium, Perth, WA

Sunday, October 20th
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, SA

Tuesday, October 22nd (Sold Out)
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, VIC

Thursday, October 24th
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday, October 26th
ANZ Stadium, Sydney, NSW

Tuesday, October 29th
QSAC, Brisbane, QLD