There’s no doubt that Skegss and Pist Idiots are two of our favourite Aussie bands, so we’re throwing it back to the time we asked them to interview each other. 

That’s right, back in 2017 we got Pisties and the Skegss lads to join forces and the result was as delightfully chaotic as you’d expect.

Naturally, the questions were a little more left of centre than your average celebrity interview, with many of them revolving around food.

When Pist Idiots asked Skegss whether they preferred spaghetti, ravioli or lasagne, frontman Ben Reed replied: “Probably spaghetti, but on a date that doesn’t really work unless you chop it up.”

Meanwhile, Pist Idiots revealed they’d take beer and chips over wine and cheese any day, while Skegss’ Toby Cregan counts a humble chicken schnitty as his ideal first date meal.

On the topic of death row meals, Toby said he’d opt for a prawn cocktail “because you don’t want to die on a full stomach,” while Ben would keep it simple with some toast with “heaps of butter”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Skegss asked Pist Idiots which industry they’d be working in if they weren’t pursuing music. While frontman Jack said he’d simply be working in an office, lead guitarist Joe saw himself as a “washed up teacher teaching food tech and timber”.

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Eventually, the subject of music did come up, with Jack revealing the one thing he would change about Pist Idiots’ 2017 self-titled EP.

“I reckon there’s a bum bass note at the end of one of the songs,” he said, with bassist Tommy adding, “it’s real subliminal so it’s up to you to find.”

Jack also went on to explain how the Pisties classic ’99 Bottles’ came about, revealing it was “pretty much an exact reflection of what was going on in my life at the time.”

“I walked home from work one day and looked in my room and there was a fuck ton of beer bottles on the floor, so I was like let’s do a little track, put down some chords and let my heart bleed… as you’d say,” he said.

It’s safe to say both bands have seen plenty of success in the four years since this interview, with Pist Idiots set to release their debut album Idiocracy in September and Skegss having recently dropped their second album Rehearsal.

The Space 44 stablemates are also heading off on a national tour together next month, with tickets for some shows still available via Handsome Tours.

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Check out the full clip of Skegss and Pist Idiots interviewing each other: