“Weird Al” Yankovic is a pretty damn good musician with several great parody songs, but he somehow makes an even better parody version of Ted Nugent.

So remember several months ago when it was announced that “Weird Al” Yankovic was going to portray Ted Nugent in the Reno 911! revival on Quibi?

Well we finally get to see the results of that slightly unorthodox combination after Quibi released a full clip of Yankovic in total Ted Nugent mode, and it is absolutely glorious in every conceivable way.

Rocking a red, white, and blue outfit that just screams ‘Murica, Yankovic wastes no time taking the piss out of Nugent and his well-documented love of guns with a great gag where “Ted” tells a stagehand to put a silencer on an already-ridiculous looking T-shirt cannon. When the stagehand says that would make the cannon “illegal in California,” both he and “Ted” simply break out into laughter.

Things get taken up another notch immediately as “Ted” then grabs an electric guitar, only to quickly smash it to bits like Kurt Cobain. Afterwards, a group of fans wielding gnarly “Nuge 2020” signs greet “Ted” before he heads onstage, where he immediately fires an assault rifle into the cheering audience.

All in all, it was a great little bit of roasting disguised as acting and it’s clear that Yankovic had the time of his life doing it.  The best part was how he kept things light and avoided focusing on Nugent’s more controversial views, like his Black Lives Matters stance and his outspoken conservative stances.

“Weird Al” himself seems pretty pleased with his performance as well as he made sure to let everyone know about it on his official website, writing “After an 11-year hiatus, Reno 911 is back and streaming on Quibi. Al shows up playing Motor City madman Ted Nugent.”

Check out ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic taking the piss out of Ted Nugent: