Australian producer What So Not has lost $50,000 in a failed video shoot with Oliver Tree in the US, according to his latest social media posts.

Chris Emerson, best-known for his electronic music pseudonym What So Not, called out the American singer. songwriter and producer on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“I just spent $50,000 hiring the world’s fastest car for this music video, and Oliver Tree didn’t even fucking show up,” Emerson said in the video.

“I flew all the way from Australia to the US to go shoot this out in Nevada; we were meant to do this surprise set at EDC,” he continued. “I was so embarrassed, my friends are all there like, ‘When’s your set, man? What time are you playing?’ and I was like, ‘Ah man, I’m just here to hang out.'”

Emerson said he spent his time in the music industry trying to be a good person, do good work and work with good people, and said he called in a lot of favours for the shoot.

“I tried to hit Oliver like 100 times this weekend; I have not heard a thing,” he said. “My labels are pissed, my managers are pissed.”

Emerson implored any mutual friends to “please, try to get hold of him,” and for anyone else to “blast him” as much as possible until he paid attention.

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A few days ago, Emerson posted a video saying “this Oliver Tree guy” was ruining his life.

“I found the dude when he had barely any followers, let him come to my studio, produced for him, cooked for him if he needed, let him crash out if he needed to, and just really help get him started,” he said. “We made a couple of amazing songs, one in particular called ‘Mr Regular.'”

Emerson said a demo had leaked of the track, and Tree had said he could use it on his album.

“Now I’ve been waiting for a fucking year because he won’t sign off on it,” he said. “He’s the only person who hasn’t signed off on this thing and my whole career is on hold.”

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