The ongoing question about just who’s in AC/DC’s current lineup seems to be continuing, with drummer Chris Slade revealing he hasn’t seen his bandmates in almost two years.

Over the last few weeks, there has been an awful lot of speculation in regards to what’s happening in the AC/DC camp right now, with questions first being raised earlier this month when Stevie Young (who replaced his uncle Malcolm Young in 2014) and Phil Rudd were spotted near the group’s frequently-used Canadian recording studio.

Of course, this is rather noteworthy due to the fact that Phil Rudd had in fact left the band back in 2014 after being charged with “attempting to procure a murder“.

As this information was being digested, a photo of Angus Young near the studio soon surfaced, as did an image of Brian Johnson, who had ostensibly left the group for good in 2016 after falling victim to worsening hearing loss, only to be replaced by Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

While this usually wouldn’t be too much to cause a fuss about, it’s caused fans to begin speculating about the future of the band, considering that both AC/DC’s previous drummer and vocalist appeared to back in the fold. Now, an interview with drummer Chris Slade seems to be adding a bit more confusion into the mix.

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In an interview with United Rock Nations (via Blabbermouth), drummer Chris Slade – who took over from Phil Rudd again in 2014 – discussed just what the mood was like in the AC/DC camp right now, while noting it’s been quite some time since he’s had any contact with his bandmates.

“It was very sad when Malcolm [Young] passed, of course — very, very sad,” Slade began. “He was a genius — an absolute genius. And the combination of him and Angus was magic — it was a magic combination. And, of course, the same with Cliff [Williams, bass]. It’s sad [he left], but I understand.”

“The mood, it’s absolutely fine,” Slade continued. “The last time time I saw the guys was at the end of the ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour [in September of 2016]. Yeah, everybody was fine. Malcolm hadn’t passed yet, and, of course, I’m sure it hit Angus very, very hard — as with all of us, actually.”

“And just before him, brother George [Young] also died, so it was a very sad time. So I think the mood is probably appropriate for those things that have happened. And as people say, time is a great healer. So you never forget them.”

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While Brian Johnson’s return to the studio might not be all that mysterious, considering he revealed that his doctors had allowed him to continue to work in the studio, it’s the reunion with Phil Rudd that seems to have fans talking the most.

Despite his departure from the group in 2014, Rudd was determined to get both his job and reputation back. “I’m going back to work with AC/DC, and I don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t,” the drummer told New Zealand’s One News. “I want my job back, I want my reputation back and I’m gonna get it back. I’m gonna fucking take it back.”

While Chris Slade has been busy recently performing live with The Chris Slade Timeline, there’s every chance that the band might have just recruited Phil Rudd as a fill-in until Slade can join them.

However, considering the rather contentious relationship that Slade and Rudd seem to have, and the fact that Slade hasn’t seen his bandmates since the Rock Or Bust tour wrapped up on 2016, it’s starting to leave fans scratching their heads in regards to what’s going on in AC/DC right now.

At this stage it seems as though only time will tell, but the constant guessing game is undoubtedly getting a bit old.

Check out AC/DC’s ‘Rock Or Bust’:

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