Just a few months after he was set free, A$AP Rocky has revealed his desire to head back to Sweden and perform for inmates at the jail he was held in.

Back in July, the world of music looked on while US rapper A$AP Rocky was placed in detention in Sweden, with he and his crew having been accused of assaulting a man in Stockholm.

Soon, Swedish officials placed the rapper in detention while they charged him with assault, and investigated the matter thoroughly.

During this time, we saw A$AP Rocky’s manager raided, we saw a dedicated fan threaten to blow up the Swedish embassy in the US, and we even saw President Donald Trump get involved.

Thankfully, it all culminated in the musician’s release earlier back in August, though a Swedish court later found the artist guilty of the assault.

However, it appears as though A$AP Rocky might now want to take a leaf out of the book of Kanye West, stating his intentions to perform for inmates at the Swedish jail.

Check out A$AP Rocky’s interview with TMZ:

As TMZ reports, the artist recently revealed that he had plans to head back to Sweden, performing a concert in Stockholm on December 11th with all proceeds going to FARR, the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups.

“When I was in Sweden I met so many people like myself,” he explained. “All of those immigrants really didn’t have the support that they needed.

“Me, being a celebrity, I had worldwide coverage, we had the American embassy. These people comes from countries where they don’t have help.

“I just felt like I wanted to give back.”

In the same interview though, A$AP Rocky said that he would be eager to perform for inmates at the jail, though he was unsure whether it would be allowed to happen since prisoners aren’t allowed out of their cell for more than one hour each day.

However, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service has now joined the conversation, telling TMZ that while they’ve not received a request from A$AP Rocky about such a gig, they would be willing to discuss logistics in order to potentially make it happen.

While it’s unclear if these talks will occur, it’s exciting to know that some of the prisoners that Rocky cares so much about might just get a chance to see him perform in the very near future.

Check out ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine)’ by A$AP Rocky: