In new interviews, BTS members Suga and V spoke about working with Coldplay on their new collaboration ‘My Universe’. 

While this year has been massive for BTS, one of their highlights was the collaboration between the group and Coldplay. The resulting track, ‘My Universe’, hit No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 shortly after release, marking the sixth track to reign supreme on the chart. It was also the first time in 13 years since Coldplay nabbed the top spot. 

In new interviews with Vogue Korea, BTS members Suga and V spoke more about the collaborations, remarking how invested Coldplay were. 

“I was amazed when they offered to come to Korea,” Suga said in his interview. “They said that when Coldplay does a collaboration, Chris Martin always comes in person to record. I was surprised that he was so keen.” 

Suga also said that the group bonded over their shared experiences of struggle, thanking them for being ‘humble, good-hearted, passionate and so very kind’. 

“When I meet a star, I can tell whether they’re being sincere or not, and Coldplay were so sincere that we were deeply moved by them,” Suga said, before also complimenting them on their approach to music. 

“We did a lot of melody dubbing while recording the rap sections, and their reactions were fantastic. You could feel it in the recording booth. When having a vocal directing session, I tend to be fairly straight-faced, without showing my reactions, as if I were missing half my soul. But it made me think that taking Coldplay’s approach might be a better way to bring out an artist’s potential.” he said. 

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In his individual interview, member V also had good things to say about the band. 

Referring to a clip where Chris Martin complimented BTS for their voices, V said: “It doesn’t appear in the video, but actually, when the vocal guide demo came out in English, I sang it from beginning to end. The Coldplay members listened and complimented me, saying I was like the second Chris Martin. I’ve listened to that recording a lot since!” 

You can read more about this topic over at the Asia Pop Observer.

Check out ‘My Universe’ by Coldplay and BTS:

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