Of all the things Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has blown his money on, a pet store has to be the weirdest.

It goes without saying that Corey Taylor is doing pretty well for himself due to his success with Slipknot and a burgeoning solo career filled with highlights that range from stirring performances to dropping truth bombs in regards to politics.

But just cause he has a heap of money doesn’t mean he’s the best at spending it wisely. And as it turns out, the Slipknot frontman has made a few unwise investments over the years, the worst (and most hilarious) being a pet store of all things.

Chatting to Men’s Health about money stuff, Taylor was asked about the worst money he’s ever spent and he gave two examples – a tattoo shop and a pet store.

With the tattoo shop, a friend of Taylor’s asked him to invest in a tattoo shop in Iowa and he agreed since “there weren’t a lot of tattoo shops in Iowa.”

However, this went downhill quickly as the friend “put [the tattoo shop] in the middle of nowhere, in a town in the middle of nowhere, where nobody could get to it.”

But this paled in comparison to when a relative of Taylor’s convinced him to invest in pet stores. Specifically, supplying fish for pet stores around the area.

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According to Taylor, this venture also went downhill as “drugs got involved” and “not only did the entire operation get seized, almost all the animals died.”

Throw in a bunch of tax problems (“I didn’t even know that you were supposed to set stuff aside for taxes.”) and what you get is something that’s guaranteed to go belly up.

Not unlike all those fish in the pet stores Taylor owned.

But the Stone Sour frontman eventually got out of that hole thanks to a “really great accountant” and had one thing to say about the experience: “Basically, it was a very, very, very expensive lesson.”

To be fair to Corey Taylor, when you’re suddenly given a big pile of money after years of not having any or any proper education on financial management, buying a pet store doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world.

Check out Corey Taylor talking about his ill-fated pet store to Men’s Health: