Former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has revealed he is “one hundred per cent committed to not reuniting” the band. 

In an interview with the Metal From the Inside podcast (via Blabbermouth), Snider was asked whether he had changed his mind about the prospect of the band joining forces again.

“[I am] one hundred per cent committed to not reuniting,” he replied.

He continued: “Now, let me just be clear: we’re friends. I did a [solo] show a couple of weeks ago and [Twisted Sister bassist Mark] Mendoza showed up, and we did [Twisted Sister’s] ‘Under The Blade’, and it was awesome. I talk to the guys all the time. I can show you my text messages. We have a little text group, and we were sending messages back and forth.”

“To me, that was the reason to reunite, was to fix the relationships [between the members of the band], and we did fix them, and we’re friends,” he added.

Dee Snider continued on to explain that he feels he is able to develop more as a solo artist than as the lead singer of Twisted Sister.

“I feel we did what we could do without just doing the same thing over. And I wanted to do some new, challenging things that I couldn’t do within Twisted Sister…  as a solo artist, I’m allowed to change and evolve. And some things [fans have] liked; some things they’ve not liked. But at the same time, I’m allowed; no one’s ever questioned [it]. And, again, if Twisted Sister did it, it would be, like, ‘Hey, it doesn’t sound like Twisted Sister anymore’; it would have been that kind of thing.”

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Despite his previous statement, Snider revealed that he would in fact consider reuniting the band under a few special circumstances.

“I could see us doing a charity — a couple of songs for charity, for the right reasons. We got [back] together originally for charity, which was a good reason to get together. I could see [Jimmy] Fallon — he’s a big fan — if he said, ‘Hey, guys, can you guys come on [The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon] and do ‘White Christmas’ for us?’ Fuck yeah,” he said.

“But to do a tour, to do 90 minutes, two hours on a stage, I don’t see that happening.”

Snider concluded by divulging that fans can expect to see visual documentation of the band’s final shows released at some time in the future.

“We filmed a lot of those shows, and we filmed a lot of behind-the-scenes [footage] on the tour, and when that finally comes out, you will see Twisted Sister moments in front of 90 thousand, 75 thousand, 50 thousand people,” he said.

“And that’s how I remember Twisted Sister — standing on that stage with an audience just… People were crying — people were crying, but for the right reasons. And not because we were so bad [laughs]; they were crying because they loved us and they knew that it was time for us to move on.”

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