Pete Davidson has joked about Kanye West in his new stand-up routine… and fans are divided about it.

In his new routine during the Netflix is a Joke festival, Davidson – who is dating Ye’s ex Kim Kardashian – poked fun at threats sent by the rapper.

“I’ve had a really weird year. I had an AIDS scare this year,” he said. “Yeah, I did, and you’re like, ‘Pete, wow, what’s going on in your life? Are you sharing needles? Are you doing heroin? Are you having tons of unprotected sex?’ No, Kanye told me I had AIDS. And he’s a genius so I was like, ‘Oh, fuck. I better call my doctor. The guy who made ‘College Dropout’ thinks I have AIDS.”

He went on to joke about Kanye “pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire.”

“Does anybody else secretly hope that Kanye showed up as Mrs. Doubtfire?” he said. “I would come home and someone would be like this is the new housekeeper and he’d be like, ‘What’s up fam?'”

He also lamented people asking him “weird” questions, like how he felt about Jack Harlow working with Ye.

“People come up to me and they’re like, ‘How does that make you feel? Does that bother you? Does that get under your skin?’,” he said.

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“No, he’s a rapper, that’s his field, that’s what they do. That doesn’t hurt my feelings. It would hurt my feelings if I saw Bill Burr at Sunday Service.”

Watch Pete Davidson at ‘Netflix is a Joke: The Festival’:

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Fans on social media are torn about the comedian’s content.

“He fell off as a comedian and now he has to resort to Kanye jokes. Seems obsessed…” one fan tweeted.

“Fell off. Got a whole crowd laughing. And it was one joke. Seems you’re obsessed with Kanye,” another responded.

“Kanye calling this man “skeet” is funnier than this whole set,” posted another.

Another fan asked for “royalties” for the Mrs. Doubtfire quip.

The jokes are the latest in the ongoing back and forth between West and Davidson, since the former split with reality star Kim Kardashian and the latter began dating her.

Fans have been taking sides, with Ye’s fans recently review bombing Davidson’s NYC Pebble Bar after texts between the pair were leaked.

That came not long after Ye released the video for ‘Eazy,’ in which he appears to kidnap and decapitate Davidson in the animated clip.

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