Foo Fighters have released the first track from their upcoming disco alter ego record, Hail Satin.

Their cover of the Bee Gee’s disco classic, ‘You Should Be Dancing’ comes alongside a discotheque-inspired music video, showcasing Grohl’s flashy falsettos, as well as the band clearly being in the epitome of their element.

Recently, Dave Grohl revealed that he’s had an affinity for disco for a very long time.

During the recent interview, Grohl revealed the true inspiration for his drumming on Nirvana’s record, Nevermind admitting that it’s the kind of connection not many people make. Alas, now the cat is officially out of the bag.

Speaking to Pharrell Williams for the Paramount+ series From Cradle to Stage, Grohl confirms that he drew inspiration, or as he says “ripped off” old disco and R’n’B funk drumming.

While comparing their drumming skills and who’s more skilled, Grohl tells Williams, “Stop saying I’m a good drummer because I’m the most basic fucking drummer. If you listen to ‘Nevermind’, the Nirvana record, I pulled so much stuff from the Gap Band and Cameo and Tony Thompson on every one of those songs.”

“All that -” Grohl refers to his drumming beats on the record, “That’s all it is, nobody makes the connection.” Williams then exclaims, “That’s straight up Gap Band!”

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While we wait patiently for the full album to be released this month on July 17th, we’ll just be here, enjoying the first release from the Dee Gees. You can also check out the album track list below.

Full track list of Dee Gee’s, Hail Satin

01. You Should Be Dancing
02. Night Fever
03. Tragedy
04. Shadow Dancing
05. More Than a Woman
06. Making a Fire
07. Shame Shame
08. Waiting on a War
09. No Son of Mine
10. Cloudspotter

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Watch Dee Gees cover ‘You Should Be Dancing’: