This time of year has come around again – it’s time for you to choose your favourite tunes to vote for in the upcoming Hottest 100 countdown. We’re here to help you make those decisions.

We can’t wait for 2020 to come to an end. Frankly, it’s been quite terrible. However, it has produced some brilliant tunes that we’re all keen to see make their way into triple j’s Hottest 100.

Music was an escape this year, and even though gigs were off, our headphones were still spitting brilliant songs into our ears, reminding us that we’re not entirely alone in what we were going through.

From songs that helped us rationalise what was going on in the world, to others that offered us a bit of an escape from the mundane reality, this year has shown us how crucial music is to staying sane, and now it’s time for us to showcase our favourites in the annual Hottest 100 countdown.

So, how are you fairing on sorting your vote for the top tunes of the year? Are you wracking your brain trying to figure out how to hone in on your shortlist? Well, check out our top picks, and get to voting!

1. ‘Rabbit Hole’ by Jaguar Jonze

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Kicking things off, there’s a million and one reasons why Jaguar Jonze should certainly make your shortlist, and it all begins with her song ‘Rabbit Hole’. Driven by a mesmerising beat topped with floating vocals, you’ve likely given this track a few spins across this year.


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One of the most exciting and consistently impressive artists on the Australian scene, E^ST’s ‘I WANNA BE HERE‘ cements her status as a beloved musician, and we’re keen to see her dominate in the Hottest 100, too.

3. ‘SEND IT!’ by Hooligan Hefs

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A song we probably would’ve danced ourselves crazy to in the clubs, had the year not closed everything down, Hooligan Hefs’ ‘SEND IT!’ makes you want to groove, and tap your foot to the beat the whole way through.

4. ‘Drowning’ by Miiesha

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Miiesha brings the slow jams alive with her track ‘Drowning’, and it’s definitely hit home with fans causing them to play it on repeat. From her record Nyaaringu, this is just one glimpse into a collection of songs that tell a complete story from start to finish.

5. ‘If Only’ by Kingswood:

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From Kingswood’s third studio album Juveniles, this alt-rock outfit ought to be key players in your shortlist because not only do they bring it when it comes to their music, but their charismatic charm is off the charts.

6. ‘Supercomputer’ by Something For Kate

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If you’re keen on this one, you’re going to have to give it an add manually, as it’s not on triple j’s already supplied shortlist, but it damn well should be. First given as a bit of a preview of Something For Kate’s latest album The Modern Medieval, this song will have you closing your eyes and letting Paul Dempsey’s beautiful voice take you away.

7. ‘DOA (Feat. Joyner Lucas)’ by I Prevail:

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This song puts the frustration of 2020 into motion, and focuses on the problems with the world right in centre focus. Between a pandemic, police brutality, and governments that don’t know how to handle things, ‘DOA’ is brought to an entirely new level this year. Adding Joyner Lucas to the track just amplifies the message even more.

8. ‘Pretty Grim’ by Ruby Fields

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Ruby Fields helped us a bit this year, by turning a pretty grim situation into a hit titled ‘Pretty Grim’. Diving into the world of growing up, this song brings us that bittersweet moment of realising that we’ve got to move up in the world, but feeling sad and confused, and just a little lost at the same time.

9. ‘I’m Good’ by Hilltop Hoods

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While we knew good music would come out of quarantine, Hilltop Hoods took it above and beyond with the perfect lockdown song that summed up our feelings of being stuck inside without any toilet paper while the pandemic ran rampant. This song hit home with every one of us, and certainly deserves a spot in your shortlist.

10. ‘Better Days (Feat. Sampa The Great)’ by Baker Boy & Dallas Woods

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With a trio of brilliant artists, where could you go wrong in adding this song into your Hottest 100 voting list? Emitting pure vibes, soaring lyrics of both Sampa The Great, Baker Boy, and Dallas Woods, this song surely got you grooving during your indoor dance parties with the house mates, right?

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