After months of speculations GOT7 member JAY B has finally started the next chapter of his musical journey at H1GHR Music. 

When GOT7 decided to part ways with JYP Entertainment in January this year, fans were eager to know where the members would begin the second chapter of their careers. After watching the six members settle into their new companies and careers, all eyes were on JAY B, or Lim Jaebeom, GOT7’s leader and the only one who hadn’t announced where he would be headed. Glad that’s cleared up! 

JAY B is now officially part of H1GHR Music, where he will be continuing as a solo artist. The announcement was made earlier today by H1GHR Music with a special film after days of teasing a newcomer in their ranks. To mark the start of this new journey, JAY B will also release a solo single on Friday, May 14th, details for which are still awaited. 

According to a statement, it was H1GHR Music founder and Korean-American hip-hop icon Jay Park who first reached out to JAY B with the offer. The latter, however, took some time to come on board, as he explained in the statement: “As I’m starting as a solo artist, I wanted to be free in the musical spectrum. So I had to spend a lot of time thinking of what kind of music I should pursue and other factors outside of the music.” 

“I appreciate that Jay Park first contacted me and trusted me throughout. I finally decided to join H1GHR MUSIC with the faith that I could accomplish my goals here, becoming an artist who puts out various outcomes based on my previous music career.” JAY B continued. 

Jay Park also took to his Instagram to share the news with his fans, posting a short video of the both of them humming to his track ‘All I Wanna Do’.

Incidentally, rumors of JAY B heading to H1GHR Music first emerged last month, at which time the company had termed them inaccurate, saying that they did not have “any official statement regarding JAY B joining H1GHR Music.” 

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Jay Park had also tweeted out a hilarious denial of the rumors, only saying: “There’s only one Jay Bum over here. That’s all.” 

Well, as the cat’s out of the bag now, we know now that there’s two. 

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Check out the official announcement trailer for JAY B by H1GHR Music:

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