Since Kanye West announcing his 2020 presidential election bid back in July, it’s been a seemingly non-stop rollercoaster of announcements, both legit and some fake news.

So what’s the current status on Kanye’s 2020 presidential bid, or shall we say the, “Birthday Party?”

Well, we all remember his Kanye-as-hell political statement which landed stacks on stacks of entertaining Kanye-pun related comments on Instagram. And even more recently Kanye shared a sneak peak of Da Baby’s bars on his campaign’s “theme music”, the track titled, “Nah Nah Nah”.

And while all of this news might do a good job of grabbing your attention, the next blow comes in as the most shocking of them all. Complex have reported the findings from a recently filed Federal Election Commission report which reveals how much cash Kanye has splashed on his 2020 campaign.

The reports shows that in September Kanye West spent $3 million on his election campaign and raised only $2,782 during that month. So yeah, we’re talking dollars, big self-funded dollars.

Assisted by digging from a journalist by the name of Ben Jacobs, Jacobs also revealed that Kanye hadn’t loaned his campaign money, but donated $2.1 million dollars this month, in addition to the $9.76 million he’s already loaned. But wait, there’s more.

The report has also revealed that the campaign has reportedly added $540,000 to its debt, which isn’t completely out of character for Kanye West—especially not if we throw it back to 2016 when Kanye begged Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion dollars into his ideas because he was a small $53 million dollars in debt.

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Despite Kanye’s campaign being mostly self-funded, Kanye comes in as a political candidate who falls into the category of blurring the lines between the entertainment industry and politics. He might be a write-in candidate with no real shot at presidency, but if it means dropping more music, we’re here for it. Now just drop Donda already.

It’s a shame that his slot on Joe Rogan’s podcast, the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. So just in case you missed it, you can rewatch Kanye West’s political statement.

Check out Kanye West’s 2020 political statement.

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