The collab we didn’t know we wanted and now wonder how we ever lived without, has returned: Lime Cordiale and Idris Elba. 

In the lead up to their mini album Cordie Elba, set for release on the 14th of January, the duo and Idris Elba have released a mad and whimsical music video for their sure to be hit track ‘What’s Not To Like’. 

Going through the conception of the clip, Cordiale singer Oli Leimbach explained, “The music video was really driven by Idris. Louis and I suggested an animated clip, seeing as we’re on the other side of the world and Idris doesn’t exactly have the most free schedule, but Idris pushed us to find a green screen studio. The song about the different versions of ourselves so Idris talked us through this concept of his”.

“We received Idris’ footage first and then we had to somehow match his performance! God, he just looks so good on the screen! How could we possibly look that good!”

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Undoubtedly, putting Idris Elba front and centre, accompanied by Oli and Louis’s bonkers antics is a jaw dropping watch. Elba described the track as “a song about finding who you really are and not chasing who you think people want you to be. It is a driver’s seat singer classic”. 

From DJ to 5 time Emmy nominee, Elba’s talents are endless. However, Cordiale managed to push the star into uncharted territory with this album and reveal to the world he’s singing voice. “They filled me with a lot of confidence” Elba confessed. “I come from a DJ background, have always rapped, but never considered myself a singer. They encouraged me to put vocals down, I didn’t expect to be singing”. 

What Cordiale seems to love the most about Cordi Elba is the level of collaboration. “We were all writing lyrics – it wasn’t our music or his music, it was smack bang down the middle with every lyric”.

 “I wanted to collaborate” Elba adds. “We agreed about the vibe and the song was there. They were really open to ideas; it was an opportunity for me to write songs I normally wouldn’t write. Ultimately, this is a step into a new universe musically for me”.

What is most exciting about this unpredictable collaboration, is that it isn’t over yet. Elba announced he would “be honoured” to join Lime Cordial on their UK tour in 2022. “I am hoping to jump on stage with them when they tour”.

With a third album in the works, Oli admits that Cordi Elba has changed them forever. “We have been catapulted into new territory with Idris and this has inevitably influenced the future of Lime Cordiale. 

Watch the official video below:

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