Neil Young has penned an open letter reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Donald Trump presidency on his website Neil Young Archives.

The op-ed, entitled Hope, has seen Young unpack his feelings about this pivotal moment in American history. The letter brims with promise, with Young revealing that he believes the U.S. will be a “better country” after Donald Trump is finished “fanning the flames” of the Black Lives Matter protests.

“As an old white guy, I don’t feel threatened by my black brother. I welcome him and his sisters. We have to deal with our white insecurities,” he wrote. “I will stand with my black brother. I want a better world for us all together. A safe world with respect or our wonderful differences.

“My black brothers and sisters have suffered long enough. White Supremacy is over but it will not die young. It will linger, but make no mistake. It is going to go and it’s already going.”

Elsewhere in the letter, Young mused that he believes that Trump’s reign of power is coming to an end.

“Although I think our president is responsible for a lot of this unrest we feel today as he has fanned the flames and tried to turn us against one another for his political reasons, I am thankful that we are all standing for what we believe, and I think we will be a better country for this,” he wrote.

“He is, in the end, just a poor leader who is building walls around our house. I believe he will be powerless soon and I wish him the best in his next life.

“He can see his power slipping away with the support he is losing in his own party. It’s just the beginning of the end for him.”

Young ended the letter on a moving note, “We have a great future before us, not an easy one, a great one.”

Last week, Neil Young shared a performance of ‘Southern Man’, a song that tackles racial inequality in the United States originally released on Young’s solo album, After the Gold Rush. The performance was released in response, and solidarity with, the Black Lives Matter protests unfurling around the country in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

“Here’s me as an old guy singin’ his 50-year-old song that was written after countless years of racism in the USA,” he captioned the video. “And look at us today! This has been going on for way too long.” You can watch the performance here.