Good sports Nickelback are here with a parody version of their own iconic song ‘Photograph’ for a new Google Photos advert.

You’ve got to hand it to the most-maligned band of all time: they know how to roll with the punches. Their latest moment of self-mockery comes in a new advert for Google Photos, as per The Verge. Lead singer Chad Kroeger really goes hard on the infamous ‘Photograph’ meme, showcasing all the wonderful ways Google Photos can work.

In that unmistakable growl, Kroeger sings about his passion for taking pictures of desserts (remember when that’s all Instagram was used for?). The highlight of the advert has to be a comparison between Kroeger’s ‘noodle hair’ and actual ramen noodles, what we’ve all compared his barnet to at some point.

It even manages to be somewhat poignant, showing old pictures of the band and highlighting the small town in Canada (Hanna, Alberta) that they came from. It’s a much better use than when Donald Trump used a part of the music video in a post to Twitter that was then taken down once the band complained.

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‘Photograph’ came out 15 years ago and the song eventually led to countless of internet memes about it. It was a huge hit for the rockers, reaching number three in the ARIA single chart and number two in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It was their biggest song since 2001’s ‘How You Remind Me’. It’s testament to the timelessness of the song and memes that it birthed that Google would even consider using it in their advert all these years later.

Will we see a Nickelback re-appraisal one day? A year in a post-pandemic world were we’re all kinder to those celebrities that were once bullied. They always seemed to get a bit too much hate than seemed necessary. Not many bands would joke this much about their own work (maybe it’s the Canadian in them).

Check out the original version of ‘Photograph’ by Nickelback:

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