The writer whose photos were fraudulently used by an account claiming to be ex-assistant to Nicki Minaj has been offered a job by the rapper.

If you were hanging out on the internet early this week, you know all about Nicki Minaj and the fake ex-assistant drama. Early this week, an Instagram account by the name of @katemiller_7 claimed to be Nicki Minaj’s former assistant and dropped some pretty damning, but frankly ridiculous stories about the rapper. 

Of course, Minaj’s fans caught on to the farce pretty early, and the rapper herself went online to refute claims of ever having an assistant by the name of Kate Miller. The damage, however, was already done, but on a different level. 

Turns out, this account had used pictures of author Megan F. Bettencourt, who then became the target of Minaj’s fans and their ire. 

On August 3rd, thus, Bettencourt tweeted: “To be clear: I never had a secret life as the “ex-assistant” of @NICKIMINAJ. Someone stole my photo and used it in a fake account. Fraudulent impersonation wasn’t the way I envisioned being mentioned in @Newsweek, but hey, scammers gonna scam.” 

Since Bettencourt and Minaj had both gone through an ordeal, maybe there was some kinship there – hence, Minaj’s job offer to Bettencourt. 

Minaj quote tweeted Bettencourt’s tweet and said: “Ok you know TF what? Well hey, if you ever need a job hit me up. I feel bad but hey, cheers to Newsweek! always a silver lining. I- I guess? (sic)”

Among the claims that the fake account had made – which Nicki dismissed as ‘fucking dumb’ – were allegations that Minaj had fired ‘Kate Miller’ for ‘absolutely no proof of fraud with her bank account’. The account also claimed that Minaj owed $173 million dollars to the IRS, and that she had forked up money to help her songs chart. 

The account also made claims about Minaj’s relationships with the likes of Drake, Megan Thee Stallion, Nas, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Cardi B, and several other celebrities. 

Watch Nicki Minaj addressing the fake ex-assistant drama:

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