Don’t ever try and storm the stage at an Oliver Tree concert: a video has gone viral showing the singer beating up a fan at a recent New York City show.

Tree was performing at the Forgotten Runes NFT convention when the incident occurred, as TMZ reports. It seems like one fan got carried away with their enthusiasm for the artist and attempted to place their hat on Tree’s head.

That’s when the beating started. Tree can be seen throwing the fan on the ground and taking a swing at him, before security arrives to break the scuffle up. The fan’s promptly removed from the stage and the show resumes. ‘Life Goes On’ indeed.

“Get the fuck out of here and get this fucking prick out of here!” Tree can be heard yelling into the microphone. It seems like a slight overreaction, with the fan seemingly holding no actual malice towards the singer. Sometimes you just want to give a cool hat to your hero.

“Don’t go on stage or you will get beat up by Oliver Tree,” the fan said as he was being removed. Logan Paul was also reportedly at the show, and Tree might have thought differently if the YouTuber and amateur boxer had stormed the stage.

Tree released his second studio album, Cowboy Tears, earlier this year, although it didn’t perform as well as its predecessor, 2020’s Ugly Is Beautiful. This year also saw him appear on Sydney producer What So Not’s single ‘Mr Regular’ alongside Run The Jewels legend Killer Mike.

Before its release, What So Not, otherwise known as Chris Emerson, called out Tree over a failed video shoot in the U.S.. “I just spent $50,000 hiring the world’s fastest car for this music video, and Oliver Tree didn’t even fucking show up,” Emerson blasted in the video.

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“I flew all the way from Australia to the US to go shoot this out in Nevada; we were meant to do this surprise set at EDC,” he continued. “I was so embarrassed, my friends are all there like, ‘When’s your set, man? What time are you playing?’ and I was like, ‘Ah man, I’m just here to hang out.’”

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