Just over a month from the release of her debut single, ‘Mercy’, Jess Johns is back at it again, this time unleashing the visual accompaniment to the intoxicating track.

It was in mid September that Jess Johns released ‘Mercy’, with the Adelaide musician sharing the immersive track to great acclaim across the board. Despite it being her debut single, Johns is in no way a stranger to the local music scene, having launched her musical career with post-high school psych-pop outfit Kashaguava.

Following their disbandment in 2016, Johns went on to join Ricky Albeck And The Belair Line Band, Dom And The Wizards, and even helped co-found the award-winning Dead Roo.

Now, backed by a band consisting of David Blumberg on bass, Ricky Albeck on guitar, Harry Freeman on drums, and Jess on vocals and guitar, Johns’ latest musical chapter is one to watch, citing newer acts such as Hand Habits, Angel Olsen, and Julia Jacklin as influences, while equally looking back on the likes of Dolly Parton, Simon & Garfunkel, and even Cruise FM.

While ‘Mercy’ has had time to bounce around the community radio airwaves a bit and begin to make a name for itself, Johns has now taken things to the next step, offering up the accompanying music video for the track.

Directed by Conor McCarron, the clip kicks off with hand-drawn imagery that soon sees Johns performing the track in a flowery environment before the mood (and environment) shifts, allowing the artist to break down the walls and take it outside, belting out ‘Mercy’ to sun-drenched South Aussie landscape in all its glory, before walking off into the picturesque area in which it concludes.

If you loved Jess Johns’ ‘Mercy’ as much as we did, then there’s no way you’ll want to miss the clip that it pairs with.

Check out ‘Mercy’ by Jess Johns: