They might be about the retire, but Slayer remain one of the most fearsome live bands around, with some of the worlds most rabid fans.

The heaviest and fastest of the Big 4 of thrash metal are about to embark on their final ever US run before hanging up the horns for good, but that’s not going to stop them releasing a short movie and live DVD before they descend into hell.

Now, the band have shared the first taste of their Repentless Killogy project, a damn good live rendition of recent set-list opener Repentless, captured at The Forum in LA in 2017 – coincidentally the same venue where the band will perform their final concert next year.

Image result for The Repentless KillogyThe Repentless Killogy, due out November 8th

The sound is crystal clear, with newer members Gary Holt (Exodus) and Paul Bostaph (feature throughout the bands career) injecting extra energy into the aggression laid down by founding members Kerry King and front-man Tom Araya.

Circle pits, dark riffs and every variation of the colour red that you could imagine – this is some classic Slayer footage. Check it out below.

Watch: Slayer open their set with the merciless ‘Repentless’


“This story, the videos, and finally a full live concert at the end is a perfect wrap up of the final tour” said project director BJ McDonnell.

“This is the finale of Slayer. This is the end of the monsters.”

The band might be allegedly calling it quits for good (some have their doubts) but their live show seems better then ever. No wonder some people are trying to swim past security to get one last glimpse of the band.

The Repentless Killogy drops on November 8th. Prep your necks.