If visiting Harry’s House isn’t enough and you need more Harry Styles in your life, a new university course will offer the chance to study the British pop star.

Titled “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture”, the course will be held at Texas State University next year.

According to the course description, the class will focus on how the singer’s career intersects with modern celebrity, fan culture, gender and sexuality, and culture and consumerism.

The course won’t actually intrude on Styles’ private life, Valencia said, but it explore his art and activism and the literature, philosophy, and music that has influenced him throughout his career.

“Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity” will count toward graduation requirements for honours studies, world or European history, international or European studies, popular culture studies and gender and women’s studies.

The surprising course was revealed on Twitter by assistant professor of digital history Dr. Louis Dean Valencia, who sounded pretty pleased about the news. “This is what tenure looks like. Let’s gooooo,” he wrote in the post.

Valencia has lofty ambitions for the course too, insisting students will study the former One Direction star “in he way we study the work of Shakespeare, Toni Morrison, Virginia Wolf, or any great artist.” Let’s put the brakes on a little bit, Dr. Louis.

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Styles isn’t the only music artist to have an entire university course dedicated to them. Earlier this year, Montreal’s Concordia University announced it was offering Canada’s first university course devoted to Kanye West.

Taught by professor Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman (also an MC), “Kanye vs. Ye: Genius by Design”, the course was about to discuss “Ye’s art, design, music, celebrity and cultural impacts in the age of information.” Rolling Stone journalist Brittany Spanos also recently launched a class about Taylor Swift at New York University.

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