A new compilation has been released featuring a mammoth 28 covers of the early classic Blink-182 hit ‘Dammit’.

As per Stereogum, the band have been seemingly everywhere in music this year. After Gal Gadot’s vomit-inducing celebrity group performance of ‘Imagine’ at the onset of COVID-19, several indie music stars got together for a parody version, singing ‘I Miss You’ semi-seriously.

There was another tribute compilation released back in August, with 18 different independent artists covering the tracks from Blink’s seminal second album Dude Ranch.

Travis Barker has been busiest of all, helping Machine Gun Kelly with his blockbuster album Tickets to My Downfall, playing drums on all tracks on the record.

Now there’s a new compilation and consists of nothing but covers of Blink’s breakout hit ‘Dammit’. That one song, covered 28 times. Now that’s when you know you’re a well-loved band.

The compilation comes from the hosts of the Blink-155 podcast, Josiah Hughes and Sam Sutherland. That podcast has long attracted noteworthy musicians, including (perhaps surprisingly) Phil Elverum. The cover versions of ‘Dammit’ are done by former guests on the podcast.

Antarctigo Vespucci, the duo of Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Farren, have put a dreamy spin on the pop-punk song. Lisa Prank also appeared on the Dude Ranch compilation (calm down, Lisa) and she turns ‘Dammit’ into a synth-pop piece.

Teen Daze amp up the auto-tune for a modern dance version. Slow Magic even make it trance. If you’re going to cover one song 28 times, may as well go hard on the genre reworkings.

See who else appears on the compilation on Bandcamp here.

Blink-182’s last album, titled Nine, came out last year and it was hailed as one of their strongest records in years. Mark Hoppus recently gave an update on the possibility of seeing a new Blink-182 EP, saying it would be ready in the “nearish future.”

They also recorded a song during COVID-19, aptly called ‘Quarantine’, a fast-paced exploration of the feelings of boredom and frustration felt during lockdown.

Check out Blink-182’s original version of ‘Dammit’:

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